UTV SmartSpray

Our SmartSpray UTV mounted sprayers are the ideal tool to save you time and frustration when spraying.

The remote activated reels can halve your spraying time, and make spraying embankments safer and easier.

UTV SmartSpray sprayers feature all the performance of our standard Ute SmartSpray, but in a compact design to suit full size UTVs (Side by Sides). Standard with a 100m remote rewind reel, these sprayers have the power and performance to get the job done fast.

All SmartSpray sprayers are powered by electric start Kohler petrol engines, for fuel economy and reliability. A lightweight but powerful battery provides all the power required for starting and running the electrics, so there is no need to connect to the UTV battery. The engines feature a high output charging coil, to ensure the battery is always charged. The ignition key is easily accessed without the need to reach around a hot engine to switch it off.

Mated to the Kohler engines are industry standard Bertolini triple diaphragm pumps. These are rated at 34 litres/min and 40 Bar (580 psi) pressure, The sight glass is easily visible, even with all safety guards in place, to ensure a quick easy inspection of the pump’s health.

The reels are belt driven by the engine, and have enough power to pull the operator up the steepest of slopes. They are activated by an electric clutch, featuring an inbuilt overrun brake, which is fully adjustable. The heavy duty hose guide allows for operation at any angle.

A low profile 300L tank is standard. It features an offset sump, allowing the tank to be emptied even on steep hills. The tank is standard with an easy to access lid and sight glass for easy filling. Tank baffles are standard, to provide increased stability.

The remote reels are controlled by a robust electrical system. The low frequency remotes, combined with large antennas, ensure excellent reception in steep and rugged country. The flexible stainless steel antennas are spring mounted to prevent damage from obstacles and vibration.

The sprayers feature a high quality nylon hose. Manufactured specifically for Graytill in Australia, the hose is lightweight and strong. It is resistant to stretching and kinking, and is low friction, to ensure it slides easily over obstacles.
The robust gun holders prevent the guns from being damaged during transport, and hold any drips from the guns, while a valve allows for easy draining.

All sprayers feature a boomless jet. The jet is capable of spraying between 6 and 9m wide, and both nozzles can be shut off individually to allow for spraying of roadsides and fence lines. A toggle switch is mounted at the front of the sprayer, allowing the operator to easily operate the boomless jet from the driver’s seat.
A venturi fill system, complete with floating filter and a generous length of hose, is standard, allowing the unit to be filled from dams and other reservoirs in under 5 minutes. A direct fill line is also provided for use with an external pump, and can be used to drain the sprayer.

The sprayers feature a fully welded, lightweight and strong RHS frame, which incorporates tie down points. The frame provides protection for the sprayer components to ensure they are not damaged during loading or transport. All components are zinc primed and powder coated for maximum durability.
Jack stands make loading and unloading of the sprayer simple and safe.

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