SmartFire Firefighter

Our SmartFire Firefighter is designed and built in Australia.

The remote activated SmartFire reel makes fire fighting safer and easier.

SmartFire tray mount fire fighting sprayers are available with a single mechanically driven remote rewind reel with 30m 1″ fire resistant hose as standard. There is the option to have up to 35m 1″ fire resistant hose or up to 50m 3/4″ fire resistant hose.

The SmartFire is powered by a Kohler 9.5hp petrol engine with a Davey twin impeller pump. As with all Graytill products, there is the option to upgrade to a diesel engine.

As standard, the SmartFire has a 600L tank with the option to upgrade to either 800L, 1,000L or 1,200L. For stafety, the SmartFire has tie-down lugs and bolt-down lugs providing the option to either tie or bolt the SmartFire to the ute tray. It also comes with jack stands for safe and easy removal and storage.

The SmartFire comes standard with the powerful Protek 361 spray nozzle. The SmartFire also has a storage basket so you have all of your fire fighting gear at hand when needed.

For more information on the SmartFire Firefighter please view our brochure.

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