Introducing the all new Graytill GD 40 Series Air Seeders


The GD 40 Series air seeders are designed and built in Australia. They have all the features of a larger professional seeder, such as variable rate control, hydraulic drive and coverage mapping in a smaller, more compact air seeder whilst maintaining large seed bins.

All Graytill products are designed and built in Australia. The GD 40 Series air seeders feature a heavy duty, fully welded & powder coated 100 x 100 x 6mm (4” x 4” x ¼”) RHS frame providing strength and durability.

The GD 40 series air seeder has been designed with versatility and manoeuvrability in mind. The GD 40 Series air seeder comes standard with ground following 18″ double discs making the GD 40 Series air seeders well suited to undulating and rocky conditions.

With a narrow transport width of less than 3.5 metres (11’ 5”), the GD 40 easily fits through narrow gateways, and can easily be transported between properties, without the need for a pilot or escort vehicle.

The GD 40 series air seeder comes standard with a semi-mounted two point hitch, providing excellent manoeuvrability and ground clearance for transport.

The robust hydraulic drive, coupled with the Farmscan7500 or Arag IBX Isobus, provides simple variable rate control and monitoring from one simple screen, and makes calibration a breeze.

With a powder coated 1,500L rear and 1,000L front mounted bin, the GD 40 series air seeder has the capacity to sow large areas, whilst still being easy to manoeuvre. The wide platform makes bin access safe and easy.

Key to the GD 40 is the double disc unit.  It features a trailing arm pivot design, allowing for excellent ground following abilities without compromising on strength. 

The double disc unit features large 18”discs for outstanding rock handling and reduced wear rates.  The leading disc is scalloped for improved trash handling. The discs feature a sealed maintenance free bearing for reduced down time and maintenance costs.

Sowing height is controlled by a steel gauge wheel mounted directly to the sowing disc.  The steel wheel provides exceptional performance and durability in rocky terrain.  

The disc mounted gauge wheel is ideally suited for pastures at a fixed depth.  

When cereals are being planted, and a deeper sowing depth is required, the gauge wheels can be easily removed and replaced with smaller wheels for deeper sowing, or eliminated completely, in which case the depth is set by machine height, the same as a traditional combine.

The discs are spread across 3 toolbars, allowing for virtually any spacing, down to 100mm (4″)

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