Graytill can design and manufacture custom made booms to suit your SmartSpray.

The SmartSpray Boom has been designed specifically for the SmartSpray.

SmartSpray Booms have a fully welded & powder coated frame for maximum durability with a slip on design to allow easy removal from sprayer.

The boom integrates neatly with the SmartSpray, mounting directly to the sprayer.  This enables the entire spray unit to be taken on and off the ute as one.

When folded, the boom tucks neatly behind the ute, and allows the retractable reels to be used in all directions, without catching on the boom.

The boom is standard with stainless steel spray lines and air induction nozzles, which are shielded to prevent damage.

Boom height is easily adjustable via a hand winch, while the self-levelling mechanism helps maintain a consistent spray height.

The boom is available in widths of 7.5m and 10m, folding to 1.65m and 2.15m respectively.

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