NAB Agribusiness Award of Excellence


In 2011 Graytill began by manufacturing air seeders. In that year, Graytill won the NAB Agribusiness Award of Excellence for the GT 100 Series Air Seeder at the Australian National Field Days. Below is the article that was published in The Land on 30th November 2011.


The Graytill GT 100 Series air seeder has been awarded the NAB Award of Excellence. Judged and presented at the Australian National Field Days, the ANFD Award of Excellence recognises advances in technology, design and manufacture of agricultural equipment.

Designed by Dave Grayling, the air seeders were released in August. They are intended to cater for the demand for smaller air seeders that can fold to 3.5m to travel on roads.

These models can also fit through 12 foot gateways and get to 6inch row spacing to sow both pasture and cereals.

The GT 100 Series air seeders:

  • GT150 with a sowing width of 5.1m
  • GT160 with a sowing width of width of 6m
  • GT170 with a sowing width of 6.9m

Different contractors tend to deal with fert and seeds in different ways. Some like it down the same tube while others like it separate. The GT 100 series drills have two bins with optional double shooting to ensure contractors and farmers can use the technique that works best for them.The electronic calibration system on these air seeders has also helped farmers. Each seed type only has to be calibrated once and it takes about five minutes.

In other words, whenever farmers want to sow canola, they enter ‘canola’ and their desired rate. Then the computer does the rest.
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